Clear Cut Communications: Our first post

Hello. Thank you for reading. Our names are Olaniyi Adewole and Melanie Ferris (I’m the one writing this). We are starting a new business called Clear Cut Communications to help share some of the expertise we have in the areas of social media, communications, community engagement, plain language editing, and more!

Olaniyi Adewole
I’ve been working with Olaniyi Adewole to start Clear Cut Communications over the past few weeks. You’ll get to know us better through upcoming blog posts.

We both have different backgrounds. Olaniyi is our graphic designer, web designer, administrator, leader, and visionary. I am our editor, communications expert, social media guru, and an Indigenous woman who has 16+ years experience of working to communicate with diverse communities. We are both committed to building a team that brings a wide range of expertise and skills to the table when it comes to providing communications services to clients in Manitoba and throughout Canada.

We are excited to share more about how we can help you in your work in government or within non-profit organizations. We are here to make a difference and we look forward to working with you.