Introducing Melanie Ferris, our Director of Communications


Melanie Ferris headshot
Melanie Ferris, Director of Communications Photo credit: Steve Salnikowski

Hello. My name is Melanie Ferris. I’m pleased to be working with Clear Cut Communications as their first Director of Communications. I’m a proud First Nations woman who is passionate about social media, plain language, clear communications, Indigenous health, and food security. I have 17+ years of communications and project management experience. I have 10+ years of health promotion experience. In 2012 I was appointed as an expert advisor on the topic of Indigenous child health to Ontario’s (then) Minister of Health. My life goal is to use my skills to improve the well-being of people in Canada. I’m always looking to learn more about social media and how to use it to improve people’s lives.

I manage social media platforms for a variety of non-profit organizations as well as a First Nation. I also provide plain language editing to non-profit organizations and governments to help them communicate more effectively with Indigenous and other audiences. I develop curriculum and deliver interactive workshops for adult learners. I have extensive experience developing and executing communications strategies as well as media relations for projects and events.

Over the years I’ve been building up a strong network of contacts in the world of communications services. By working with Clear Cut Communications, I plan on bringing everyone to the table so we can easily help you achieve your communication goals.

I’m excited to share what we can do for you. Like our founder Matthew, I was also raised partly by an entrepreneur. My father was always starting businesses and working hard when he was finished his day job. I saw the care he gave to his clients and now I carry on that legacy.

It’s important to know that we choose our clients carefully. We only work with organizations and leaders that will be a good fit with the services we offer. We do want to help organizations that share the vision of helping Canadians achieve better health, whether it’s emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical.

Please follow me on social media or contact us by email if you want to discuss how we can help you achieve your own visions.