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  • Is Your Website User Friendly?

    Is Your Website User Friendly?

    Questions to consider to make a website friendly for your users When building a website, we all tend to focus on content and functionality, and that’s great! On the other hand, we can’t let functionality come at the expense of the experience of our users. If users leave your site feeling confused or frustrated, that…

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  • 5 key factors to consider when building your website

    Are you planning to build a professional website for your business, online store or personal brand? This post breaks the process in to 5 chunks that you can plan separately to help direct the course your project. You have probably heard many times how important a professional website is for your brand, on the other…

  • Let’s talk about acronyms

    Let’s talk about acronyms

    Acronyms might be your best friend, but I’d like to remind you that they aren’t the best friend of everyone. Oxford Dictionaries define acronyms as words formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as they are spelled, not as separate letters. Examples of common acronyms in Canada include the CBC, AIDS, and RCMP.…

  • A social media book for strategic thinkers

    A social media book for strategic thinkers

    Book review: Financial Times Guides: Social Media Strategy: Boost Your Business, Manage Risk and Develop Your Personal Brand (2018) by Martin Thomas By Melanie Ferris Strategic thinkers rejoice! This is the social media book for you. While many social media books look at why people should be using social media, this book asks: How can…

  • Things to consider when planning a website

    Things to consider when planning a website

    This is a simple approach to planning your next website project. It is a broad overview but a great starting point if you are stuck. These are the questions that I have found need to be answered when building a website. The answers can be very different depending on the size and complexity of your…

  • Introducing Melanie Ferris, our Director of Communications

    Introducing Melanie Ferris, our Director of Communications

    Hello. My name is Melanie Ferris. I manage social media platforms for a variety of non-profit organizations as well as a First Nation. I also provide plain language editing to non-profit organizations and governments to help them communicate more effectively with Indigenous and other audiences. I develop curriculum and deliver interactive workshops for adult learners.…

  • Who are we? Meet the people of Clear Cut Communications

    Who are we? Meet the people of Clear Cut Communications

    I’m committed to using technology to enrich the human experience and collaborating on solutions to business issues. While our business is largely focused on social media management, we can also help with a variety of other needs, including plain language editing, web and graphic design, website development, and more.

  • Secure your websites

    I recently worked to secure our website, https://clearcutcomms.ca and for the first time since 2010 looked for the ROI of this simple process to a small business or organization. I have always been around teachers and mentors who insisted I secure websites and this became a habit. I am excited to share a simple process…

  • Clear Cut Communications: Our first post

    Hello. Thank you for reading. Our names are Olaniyi Adewole and Melanie Ferris (I’m the one writing this). We are starting a new business called Clear Cut Communications to help share some of the expertise we have in the areas of social media, communications, community engagement, plain language editing, and more! We both have different…